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Needham, MA


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International Data Corporation (IDC)

IDC is the premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets. IDC was named the Analyst Firm of the Year for 2020 by the IIAR

Vice President of Research

Focuses on digital transformation leadership for business and technology executives. Also manages IDC's Data Excellence and AI practice, helping organizations successfully weather and capitalize on the changes brought about by today's disruptive transformation in information management. Provides analysis, research, and advisory services to CIOs and other IT executives. Is a frequent speaker, presenter, and moderator at industry conferences as well as providing analysis for multiple media outlets.

Houston, TX


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Houston Technology Center (HTC)

INamed among Forbes’ Twelve "Business Incubators Changing the World", Houston Technology Center (HTC) is a business accelerator that assists Houston-based emerging technology companies by providing in-depth business guidance, access to capital and professional services, and education.

Advisor and Mentor, Energy Acceleration and IT Acceleration

Volunteer providing advice to CEOs on a broad range of dimensions including leadership, business, and IT.

Houston, TX


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Hewlett Packard (HP)

At the time, world’s largest technology company with $127B in revenue and #11 Fortune 500 ranking. 350,000 employees



Lead virtual teams of hundreds of people to create, champion, and align the IT strategy plus communicate global IT initiatives for an IT organization of more than 10,000 people and a budget close to $2 billion.

  • Strengthened  business turnaround in HP’s approaches to technology and operations:

    • 85 data centers consolidated to 6; 700 data marts decreased to 55; 6,000 applications to 1,500; 19,000 IT professionals to 10,000.

    • IT spending cut from 4% of revenue to under 2% today, generating $1 Billion in annual savings.

    • 70% of employee time spent on new developments with just 30% on IT support.

  • Ignited sales opportunities valued at $10 billion by targeting 30,000+ customers by leading the IT Customer Engagement Organization

  • Built a high-performance organization of 20 people generating five-fold productivity increases in a year.

  • Achieved a 90% decrease in video production costs saving $350,000+ annually.

  • Orchestrated 5 leadership development programs delivered in 14 sessions around the world to more than 8,000 VPs, directors, and managers.



Set business direction for Operations and IT functions following HP-Compaq merger, encompassing supply chain, logistics, distribution, procurement, manufacturing, and technology activities. Managed $2M-$5M budgets, 10-20 staff members, and virtual teams with up to 100 members.

  • Saved $1 Billion in annual costs by creating a functional horizontal plan addressing a $50 billion spend.

  • Designed plan that drove HP-Compaq IT merger, building a focused leadership team, strategy, culture, and aligned business model resulting in IT organization of a 10,000+ employee, while reducing the cost from 4.6% to less than 3% of revenue.

Houston, TX


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