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  • Serge Findling

The Pandemic Pivot: Technology Investment in the Next Normal

By: Robert Parker, Philip Carter, Serge Findling, Rick Villars, Maureen Fleming, Deepak Mohan, Rohit Mehra

Nov. 2020

This IDC Perspective explores how IT organizations must pivot from investment road maps based on hardware and software portfolios to the establishment of three control planes to manage cloud services, business processes, and commerce. The pandemic has made technology essential to the survival and recovery of the enterprise, forcing CIOs into new territories and unplanned courses of action. CIOs must now regain control over their future and proactively deal with the hybrid nature of their IT environment to set their enterprise on a successful course in an increasingly volatile and digital economy.

"A control plane approach provides the necessary platform to implement a full scope of digital use cases while scaling the delivery of these capabilities", said Bob Parker, senior vice president, Enterprise Applications, Data Intelligence, Services, and Industry Research at IDC. "The role of IT pivots from managing a portfolio of hardware and software assets to a provider of the innovation platform that enables digital progress."

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